Mini Head Massager /Comb
Mini Head Massager /Comb
Mini Head Massager /Comb
Mini Head Massager /Comb
Mini Head Massager /Comb

Mini Head Massager /Comb

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Are you always feel tired after a long-day working or studying? Do you often have a headache and then want to reduce the pain? This massage comb is designed for daily use, easy to carry, can be used in office, home and anywhere. It works to improve head blood circulation, stimulate and invigorate the scalp, relive stress, relax yourself and good for sleep. Do not hesitate, just buy it!


- Color: White.

- Size: 115 x 63 x 65 mm / 3.45 x 1.89 x 1.95 inch.

- Material: ABS+TPB.- Working Voltage: DC3.0V (200mA).

- Battery: 2 x AAA.- Vibrating Frequency: 8000rpm.

- Weight: 95g.- Gears: 2.- Control Mode: Touch-tone.

- With ergonomic design, 8000 times vibration per minute.

- Best for your health, promote head cortex blood circulation, reduce the pressure to the head.

- Long term use can reduce hair loss,alleviate headache and dizziness.

- Average size and lightweight, convenient for grip, fit in the palm of the hand for extra comfort and control.

- Massage your scalp or neck in a dry state or after shampooing, relieve your tension and promote a good sleep.