Cervical Back Multifunction Massager
Cervical Back Multifunction Massager

Cervical Back Multifunction Massager

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·         ♣Portable: Portable Massager. It is 135cm and weighs 25g. Take it with you and use it at any time. Even in the home, office, on the train, on the road, you can easily use. The operation is simple and can be used by plugging in the power


·        ♣8 stalls: Massager designed eight stalls. From weak to strong, there are different options depending on your different symptoms


·         ♣Multi-site massage: The massage instrument is suitable for multiple parts of the body.Can use on arms, neck, waist, back, shoulders, and legs


·         ♣Effectively prevent diseases: This product can effectively prevent and relieve many diseases, such as arthritis, muscle pain, cervical spondylosis, and mouse hands. It can also increase your muscle explosiveness and muscle endurance. Prevent diseases and keep fit


·         ♣Charging is convenient: the charging interface of the massager can be connected with the mobile phone and the charging treasure.So that you no longer have to worry about finding a power supply and can be used everywhere


  Product description


    The people working for a long time, work overtime at night, mental stress, sleeping position is not good, resulting in cervical pain, wearing high heels, resulting in overwork.. However, because the massager is too large, many people often inconveniently massage and cannot timely massage themselves.

Try our portable massager and relieve your fatigue whenever and wherever possible

♣A variety of massage techniques, massage, kneading, acupressure, slamming, tapping
♣Portable charging, breaking time, space restrictions on massage, let you enjoy the fun of massage at any time.
♣Dedicated electrode paste, the electric conductivity is strong, the experience is more smooth and does not irritate the skin.
♣Multiple protection design, electrostatic protection, short circuit protection, start output limit and maximum output limit. Safe and reliable, safe to use.
♣A variety of massage methods, a variety of massage intensity, prevent and alleviate a variety of diseases.

Usage method
Insert the interface into the cell phone or recharge treasure.
Link electrode patch
Put the patch on the skin
Open the key and use it

Length of the line: 135cm Patch diameter: 8cm
Weight: 25g
color: White
Patch material:PET
Pulse width: 4-400us±20%
Output voltage: 5-100vpp±20%
Working current: 3-60mA
Voltage; USB 5.0v
Packing; 1