Spine Back Posture Corrector
Spine Back Posture Corrector

Spine Back Posture Corrector

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1. Comfortable / light top inner jacket with urethane padding in key areas.
2. Stretchable polyester and mesh construction.
3. Equipped with CE approved soft armor on elbows, shoulder, back is honeycomb protector, as shown below, detachable from armor pockets
4. Waist is adjustable by belt and buckle
5. Cuff featured with thomb hole for better fit
6. Use high quality material
7. Craftsmanship
8. Piece checked by piece before package
S code waist 56cm-62cm    recommended height 135-160cm   recommended weight 55kg the following
M code waist 62-69cm     recommended height 160-170cm      recommended weight 55kg-65kg
L code waist 69-76cm     recommended height 170-180cm       recommended weight 65kg-75kg
XL code waist 76-82cm   recommended height of 180 or more recommended weight 75kg or more

Model Number: Body Spine Armor
Material: EVA
Age: Adult
Brand Name: Balight